Welcome to Balans Studio

 Balans Studio was founded in 2010 in the growing Gainesville area, a beautiful studio with a unique variety of classes like Yoga, Pilates Mat, Barre, and TRX. We offer a personalized and mindful approach to fitness. Our goal is to positively motivate you to maximize your health, vitality and ensuring that you become the best version of you. Working out together is fun.

In addition to our group classes at Balans, we are proud to announce the new opening of our ‘ Fitness Studio’ an upscale private strength & cardio studio. Top of the line Precor equipment all displayed in a beautiful space with sleek interiors in a green inspired environment. The “Fitness Studio’ has 24-hour Access for your convenience.

What makes us different

Challenging yes, intimidating no, Balans Studio welcomes everyone. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors deliver quality classes suitable for all levels. We promise that you will not get lost in classes of 30-50 people doing things that are not good for you, your goals, or your body’s needs. With small class sizes, we have a strong focus on proper form and alignment so you get the most out of your workout and you’ll actually LOVE showing up for class.


be timely  &  be neat  &  be peaceful  &  be kind and respectful

thank you