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‘The new year 60 day challenge’

We all need help sometimes to guide us in the direction we want to go. ‘The New Year 60 Day Challenge’ will provide you with guidance, support and accountability that you need to reach your goals!

We give you the tools to push past your excuses and perceived time limitations, to find better nutrition, and to move more safely and effectively in an effort to find your own self-efficacy.

how the program works

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kick-off weekend

January 13th

This weekend kicks off ‘The New Year 60 Day’ During this time you will complete your initial consultation with your coach to asses your starting point and map out your game plan for success. Measurements at the kick-off, 4 weeks and 8 weeks. There will be a 30 minute small group class after the meeting.



Daily challenge of the day = 60 healthy lifestyle challenges

Daily nutrition guidance = 60 days of better nutrition

Daily exercise homework = 60 days of moving more

Weekly educational and motivational meeting = 8 weeks of new tools

Weekly group exercise class = 8 weeks of fun with peers

Weekly one-on-one with leader to discuss progress = 8 weeks of support

Monthly group fitness challenge = 3 chances to try something new

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optional add on - 30 minute pt sessions

We understand that the needs for each individual are unique. A trainer can help you with a specialized program to help achieve your personal fitness goals faster

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proven success

Lost significant amounts of weight

Gained control over their diet

Experienced more mobility and balance

Achieved new healthy habits

Gained more energy

Acquired new knowledge of proper exercise form and technique

Lowered or eliminated medications

Learned new ways to deal with stress

Made new friends


what is your after?

Emily Vance’s testimony

Bridget truly empowered me every step of the way. She made me feel like my success was entirely mine, yet pushed me and challenged me when i needed it. ( I remember her saying , OK Emily, this week lets see if you can cut the Starbucks runs back to 1 instead of 4, and I still only go to Starbucks once a week). She said OK girl let’s do this half marathon, and somehow clicked ‘sign up’. I never would have thought I was capable of finishing a 13.1 mile race but I did it! She taught me I really can do anything IF I decide to do it. Completely up to me.

Every single day, make a conscious decision to make yourself better in some way. Nothing happens over night, there is nothing magic about being healthy. it is a daily self-awareness, discipline and learning not to dwell on perceived failures. Moments you are allowing guilt to consume you over the ad decision you made: embrace it and challenge yourself to make a different decision next time. Just own it.

Ownership over life choices, including what I put into my body and how I spend my time has changed my life. No one but YOU can decide when you’re going to change yours.

Do It!

Side note: Emily did this with 5 kids under the age of 10 (two under the age of 3) and working as a full-time nurse).


emily’s before

weight loss: 70 ls. in 8 months


meet your guidance coach

Bridget Scarbrough

Bridget has over 15 years of hands on experience in the wellness industry with extensive training in functional and rehabilitative exercise modalities. As the founder of her own program “It’s Up To You Challenge, she has helped over 100 people find better health, wellness, and movement. She personally understand the struggles faced by so many when it comes to making healthy food choices, finding time to exercise and persevering through physical limitations.

Bridget currently holds certifications as a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer & Law enforcement Fitness Specialist, Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor, Functional Movement Screen Specialist, TABATA Boot Camp Instructor and YogaFit Level 1 Instructor. In addition she has held an ACE Certified Health Coach certification and has thorough experience in TRX and various functional training techniques. She prides herself on providing a personal and varied experience that is customized for each client.


New Client special


2 weeks (1 class / day) of Yoga, Pilates Mat, Barre & TRX